Guitar Master II

Have you ever had a god-of-rock feeling performing on a stage? The audience is listening to you during the exciting gameplay! You have enjoyed the “Master of Guitar” already. But even the perfect gameplay can be enhanced. It was made even cooler in the game “Master of Guitar 2”. The main character of the game is a common guy who performs in a bar. He wants to earn money to earn attractive items and go to Woodstock. He buys the guitars, acquires clothes and other things upgrading the performer.

3D Master of Guitar with enhanced graphics

The developers made it a 3D game this time. They added new features and options to the game. Now players can enjoy a richer selection of things and clothes while the quality of graphics can please the most demanding user. So not only audio effects are on the top – the visual advantages enter the scene. The players can get more clothes, more instruments and as a result, can operate richer functionality to get a superb song! Graphics with 3D effects is more appealing. It attracts, even more, players.

Rock at the party with Master of Guitar 2

Play the game at the party in front of a real audience. All will admire you. Impress the girl playing like a rock star. Made sure that it really works like magic. You can become the rock star today even if you do not know anything about the notes. There are 6 strings with notes. One should press the button when needed. Successful performance will help you get bigger score.

A band or a competition?

The functionality of the game enables you to change the pitch of the notes with a whammy bar. There are two modes in the game. Online mode lets the players compete with each other over the web. The winner of the duel will become the coolest guitar player. Using cooperative multiplayer mode you can make a band of four easily. Different players will play different instruments and make music. The Guitar World Tour in 2008 enabled this feature with an assistance of WaveGroup Sound. The game includes many popular soundtracks. One of the advantages of this game is downloadable content that attracts many players. What you need to play: use the mouse, keyboard, camera and microphone input. There are over 400 famous tracks in the game you love so much. You can get to Woodstock doing something you like – playing your favorite songs. Cover versions of Bon Jovi, Metallica and other legendary groups will blow you away. The direction is known to all – this is Woodstock. Have a nice time there, dude!

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